The Arrival, Houston, February 1949

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When Grimmett arrived in Houston, he was shocked by what he found. The hospital was in temporary quarters in World War II surplus wood huts, housing was difficult, the town compared to Paris was ugly, and he worried about the heat and humidity, and his wife was still in England and not well. But he was determined to make a go of it. He rented a house and fixed it up, he bought a car, his wife’s health improved, and finally, she was able to make plans to join him. His group was made a separate department, and he was appointed as chairman. He made contact with the Rice Institute and initiated joint programs with their physics department. He outlined a program of work for his department, established a first-rate workshop and hired a staff. It nearly all came to an end when the Texas Legislature cut off the funds for the “Atomic Center” for the hospital. However, an intense public campaign and lobbying effort got the funds restored.


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