Changemakers for Sustainability

  • Karabi Acharya


I am an urban creature. Never lived on a farm. Never really learned the difference between a cow and a steer until I was 25. I always feel nervous when out of cell phone range. But I am an “engaged” urban creature. I’ve read Michael Pollan, watched Food, Inc., and diligently purchased CSA shares. Of course, I have a small herb garden and an occasional tomato plant. I understand the consequences of mono-culture farming and the damage caused by pesticides, the tragedy of deforestation across the globe. My children only drink organic milk and themselves prefer Starbucks to McDonald’s. And now I know that I was just fitting into some preconceived notions of what I need to know and do about the sustainability of our food system. I was the Pottery Barn version of “concerned urban creature!”


Blindness Preconceive 

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