General Principles of Endoscopic Imaging

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This chapter covers general aspects of the evolution of bronchoscopic imaging from the very first idea of a flexible bronchoscope in Japan in late 1960s up to state-of-the-art video technology used all over the globe today and in future. Special attention is given to outline basic design principles and to explain essential core components of the inner workings of a bronchoscope. The components which are discussed have undergone major evolution changes during last decades aiming for enhanced manoeuvrability, improved diagnostic yield or better therapeutic capabilities. Basic elements needed to complete a ready to go bronchoscopy system are described step by step. Different light imaging acquisition techniques like autofluorescence imaging and narrow band imaging are briefly explained to give an overview of the variety of options existing today. Special modalities like hybrid fibre-video bronchoscopes and mobile bronchoscopes are introduced. This chapter closes with an outlook in the future. The final section covers reprocessing aspects of the most common cleaning and disinfecting routine cycles used nowadays. A summary of encountered challenges in designing a bronchoscope fully compatible with utmost demanding autoclaving routines is closing the chapter.


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