Intermittent Twin Region Nucleation Measurement Using Acoustic Emission

  • Go MurasawaEmail author
  • Ryoma Takahashi
  • Shunzi Orikasa
Conference paper
Part of the Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series book series (CPSEMS)


This study was conducted to measure intermittent twin region nucleation behavior in a polycrystalline pure Ti under uniaxial tensile loading. First, we prepare commercial polycrystalline pure Ti plate. Secondly, using Acoustic Emission (AE) techniques, we measure the macroscopic stress–strain curve and twin region nucleation behavior arising in polycrystalline pure Ti under tensile loading. To investigate the intermittent nucleation mechanism, we analyze spatial information of twin region nucleation using AE measurement results, which show the avalanche and inhomogeneous twin region nucleation behaviors under tensile loading. The inhomogeneous twin region nucleation is derived from its initial microstructure state. In the inhomogeneous nucleation process, the rapid growth of twin region size occurs, thereby producing avalanche nucleation behavior.


Polycrystalline pure Ti Twin region Intermittent and inhomogeneous nucleation Twin region size Avalanche Acoustic emission 



The author would like to express his deep gratitude to Prof. Mitsutoshi Kuroda (Yamagata University, Japan) for the fruitfully discussion of present deformation mechanism. The author would like to express his deep gratitude to Associate Prof. Hideo Cho (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan) for the experimental help of AE measurement. In addition, the author is deeply grateful to Dr. Tadaaki Satake (Yamagata University, Japan) for help in specimen preparation.


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