Nano-Scale Electrical Transducers of Surface Plasmons for Integrated Biosensing

  • Pieter Neutens
  • Iwijn De Vlaminck
  • Sergii Lozenko
  • Liesbet Lagae
  • Pol Van DorpeEmail author
Part of the Integrated Analytical Systems book series (ANASYS)


Recent developments in fabrication, characterization, and understanding of local surface plasmon resonances and surface plasmon waveguides have fuelled the development of a new generation of surface plasmon based biosensors, mainly based on local refractive index sensing and surface enhanced Raman scattering [1, 2]. Although the actual sensor has scaled to the nanoscale, the system still requires bulky optical components, such as light sources, lenses, objectives, and detectors. Integrating sources and/or detectors with the plasmonic sensor can pave the way to small-footprint photodetectors. In this chapter, we demonstrate direct electrical detection of surface plasmon resonators and integrated detection and generation of deep-subwavelength guided plasmons in metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguides. We will discuss these different devices, including optical/electrical characterization, the comparison with simulations, and their relevance for integrated biosensors.


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  • Iwijn De Vlaminck
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  • Sergii Lozenko
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  • Liesbet Lagae
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  • Pol Van Dorpe
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