Stock Selection

  • Panos Xidonas
  • George Mavrotas
  • Theodore Krintas
  • John Psarras
  • Constantin Zopounidis
Part of the Springer Optimization and Its Applications book series (SOIA, volume 69)


This chapter primarily addresses security analysis and evaluation. We develop a multicriteria methodology for equity selection, exploiting the valuable tool of financial analysis (FA), which is the most appropriate evaluation approach regarding investment decisions within a long-term horizon. FA involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of firms, mainly through judgmental procedures. The latter address the qualitative evaluation and interpretation of financial ratios as they arise from accounting statements. FA can also be viewed as the activity of providing input during the portfolio construction phase because it entails the process of analyzing the special characteristics of securities and corresponding firms, leading to final selection recommendations.


Analytical Hierarchy Process Corporate Performance Financial Ratio Portfolio Selection Problem Assignment Procedure 
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  • George Mavrotas
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  • Theodore Krintas
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  • John Psarras
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  • Constantin Zopounidis
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