State Diagnosis of a Lignite Deposit by Monitoring its Surface Temperature with a Thermovision Camera

  • Alina DincaEmail author
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The paper presents results of a research project [1] which was extended over two months and had as goal to prevent the self ignition phenomenon in a lignite deposit or stockpile. The idea was to monitor the surface temperature of the stockpile with a thermovision camera and compare the results with the ones provided by monitoring the temperature inside the stockpile with temperature sensors attached to an acquisition system. This paper focuses on finding out weather the state of a lignite stockpile can be diagnosed correctly by monitoring its surface temperature with a thermovision camera in order to prevent the self ignition phenomenon. The author actually tries to answer the question: does the surface temperature of a lignite stockpile monitored with a thermovision camera offer enough and correct temperature information to be able to prevent an upcoming fire?


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  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceNorthern Illinois UniversityTargu-JiuRomania

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