Experimental Protocols in Field Ion Microscopy

  • Baptiste Gault
  • Michael P. Moody
  • Julie M. Cairney
  • Simon P. Ringer
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This chapter focuses on the operation of field ion microscopy (FIM) experiments. The image formed on the phosphor screen or position sensitive detector (eFIM) reveals details of the surface topography. Despite seemingly being static, each spot within a field ion micrograph, such as those presented in Fig. 5.1, constitutes a steady flow of gas ions, roughly 104 per second. There are a variety of experimental parameters that influence the quality of the final micrograph. This most notably includes the type of imaging-gas, the gas pressure, and the specimen temperature. Optimisation of the imaging conditions, by carefully selecting these parameters, should ensure that high-quality FIM images are obtained from which reliable information can be extracted. In this chapter, a step-by-step modus operandi is detailed, followed by a discussion on the influence on the experimental parameters on field ion imaging.


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