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One hundred and three students participated in the study, and the gender composition was the following: 62 females and 41 males. The sample was 86% White (n = 89), 7.8% Hispanic (n = 8), 2.9% Black, 1.9% Asian (n = 2), and 0.9% Other (n = 1). This study investigated the relationship among variables implicated in school attitude. Specifically, the study highlighted the varying degrees of correlation between four different factors—school bond, self-regulation/motivation, peer attitude, and self-perception—with school attitude. The study sought to determine which factor is most strongly related to school attitude, and how each of the four factors correlates with each other. Table 4.1 presents the bivariate correlation matrix. Table 4.2 presents an exploration of intercorrelations such as between school bond and self-regulation/motivation. Table 4.3 provides more generalized data: the degree of agreement to each question item, by frequency and percent of the sample.


Survey Instrument Extracurricular Activity Gender Composition Question Item Correlational Strength 
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