The Scientific Meeting

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There are many types of scientific meetings. The most familiar meetings are those sponsored and convened by a scientific organization. These organizations can be international, national, regional, or state. The primary organization for food science is IFT, Institute of Food Technologists. Other important organizations for food scientists are ASM (the American Society for Microbiology) and ACS (the American Chemical Society). A list of organizations of interest to food scientists can be found in Table 10.1. IFT is a unique organization in that it combines a scientific meeting with a trade show (see Fig. 10.1). Every food scientist needs to attend the IFT meeting at least once in a lifetime. It must be experienced to be appreciated. Every practicing scientist should become a member of a scientific organization. University food scientists usually belong to at least one additional organization that is more aligned with their disciplinary perspective such as ACS or ASM. For postharvest physiologists, ASHS (American Society for Horticultural Science) and ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists) offer alternatives. Few alternatives to IFT have a major trade show at their meetings analogous to IFT. Industrial food scientists usually divide up responsibilities among relevant societies within the company to cover each of the important areas.


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