Systems of Equations: The Explanation of Biomedical Phenomena (II). Dynamic Interdependencies

  • Pedro J. Gutiérrez Diez
  • Irma H. Russo
  • Jose Russo


On the basis of the results provided in the previous chapter, this chapter analyzes the dynamic aspects of the interdependencies that, from the mathematical perspective, exist between the involved bio-entities in a biomedical phenomena. Using cancer research as a reference point, the relationships between initial conditions in variables and parameters, dynamics, stability and steady states are explained and discussed in detail, both from the theoretical and empirical points of view. The advantages and disadvantages of the different mathematical models of the dynamic biomedical interdependencies are also analyzed, with emphasis on the importance of the assumed hypotheses on the discrete or continuous nature of time.


Steady State Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Asymptotic Stability Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Stable Limit Cycle 
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  • Pedro J. Gutiérrez Diez
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  • Irma H. Russo
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  • Jose Russo
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  2. 2.Fox Chase Cancer CenterPhiladelphiaUSA
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