Reoperative Conditions Following Distal Radius Fractures

  • Amy L. LaddEmail author
  • Kristen Fleager


Distal radius fractures are a very routine case for both the orthopedic and hand surgeon. However, these injuries can be difficult to treat when severe comminution, poor bone quality, and marked displacement occur. Sometimes in these circumstances, the initial fixation may fail. This then requires reoperative intervention to try and restore articular congruity and bony alignment as best as possible within the given constraints of the tissue and bone quality, as well as the configuration of the fracture. There are a variety of options that can be utilized from external fixators to bridge plating. There are dorsal and volar plates to help try and reconstruct the articular surface. Also, autologous bone graft is the gold standard, but there are numerous other bone graft substitutes that can be utilized to reduce the morbidity from autologous grafting. Finally, soft tissues must be taken into account and these include the tendons which may be gliding over the plate as well as the carpal canal which can sometimes become tight after significant displacement and/or swelling. Even with optimum treatment, many of these patients with severe injuries will have outcomes that result in a stiff wrist but, hopefully, functional hand and extremity.


Distal Radius Fracture Reoperation Malunion 


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