Reoperative Indications in Vascular Disorders of the Hand

  • William C. PedersonEmail author


Fortunately in most cases of vascular or microvascular intervention, once the vessels have healed, the chances of needing repair are small. However, in some cases such as traumatic events, the vessels may thrombose or otherwise fail in the postoperative period. In these cases, reoperation is sometimes needed and is usually done in a very expeditious manner. Other cases relate to chronic vascular disease. In these cases, sympathetectomy sometimes may be of benefit. In other cases, a vascular access procedure may be stealing or shunting blood away from the hand resulting in ischemia. In these cases, revision options are sometimes needed in order to help the patient with their symptoms. Microvascular surgery requires not only a steady hand but also a steady mind, and these cases can be quite challenging.


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