Secondary Reconstructive Options in Failed Fingertip and Nail Bed Injuries

  • Ryosuke KakinokiEmail author


Secondary reconstructive procedures for fingertip and nail bed injuries are frequently under appreciated by many surgeons. Complications from these injuries are not uncommon; however, many patients will just choose to live with their deformity. In other situations, the deformity with the fingertip injury leads to functional problems, and in these cases, the patient may seek out reconstructive options. These surgical efforts usually involve trying to make sure that the fingertip is covered with skin that has some sensation to it. It is also important that the skin be thick and durable to resist the significant forces placed upon it at the fingertip level. Just as important to the patient is the aesthetic and cosmetic appearance of the fingertip and nail; sometimes, this is even of greater concern to the patient than the functional deficits. This chapter discusses some of the reoperative options for dealing with failed fingertip and nail bed injuries.


Medial Lateral Epicondylitis Denervation Revision 


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