Reoperative Concerns for the Unstable Elbow

  • Paul Maloof
  • Virak TanEmail author


The unstable elbow can be caused by not only problems with the bony anatomy but of course the soft tissue envelope as well. The unstable elbow may require correction of any bony deficits as well as reconstruction of ligaments in order to obtain an elbow that the patient feels confident in from a stability standpoint. The dissection after previous surgeries in these areas can be difficult because of bone loss as well as significant scar tissue about neurovascular structures. Frequently these surgeries may require more than one procedure in order to rectify anatomical deficiencies in a step-by-step fashion. Ultimately, if reconstructive efforts fail, the patient may be looking at elbow arthroplasty or fusion in order to find usage and stability from the arm.


Elbow Instability Collateral Ligament Reconstruction 


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