Efficiencies of Power Plants

  • Mehmet Kanoğlu
  • Yunus A. Çengel
  • İbrahim Dinçer
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In order to improve the efficiencies of power plants, there is a strong need to investigate their thermodynamic characteristics and performance. Power plants are normally examined using energy analysis, but a better understanding is attained when a more complete thermodynamic view is taken, which uses the second law of thermodynamics in conjunction with energy analysis via exergy methods. Although exergy analysis can be generally applied to energy and other systems, it appears to be a more powerful tool than energy analysis for power cycles because it helps determine the true magnitudes of losses and their causes and locations, and improve the overall system and its components. In this chapter, we provide an overview of various energy- and exergy-based efficiencies used in the analysis of power cycles, including vapor and gas power, cogeneration, geothermal power plants, and photovoltaic systems. The various approaches that can be used in defining efficiencies are identified and their implications discussed. Numerical examples are provided to illustrate the use of the different efficiencies, and the results include combined energy and exergy diagrams.


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  • Yunus A. Çengel
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  • İbrahim Dinçer
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