Child Pornography and Pedophelia

  • Clayton A. Hartjen
  • S. Priyadarsini


Both by international and national laws aim to shield and protect children everywhere from premature sex. However, some argue that historically and all over the globe children have been objects of sexual fantasy and exploitation. The idea that children should be protected from sex – either being exposed to or involved in it – is a relatively recent development in human history. As a consequence considerable concern is expressed by people over the prospect that children might be contaminated by viewing sexually explicit material or, worse yet, being engaged in sexual acts, either with other children or adults. The fears and efforts against precocious sex have been greatly confounded by the advent of the internet resulting in a booming international pornography industry and the use of children in pornographic productions. Data on child pornography throughout the world is assessed and the problems encountered in accurately reporting of the numbers of children worldwide who have been sexually victimized in some way or another are discussed. Discussion is also devoted to the characteristics and motivations of the people who victimize child and the children subjected to this behavior. International and national laws directed to preventing child sexual exploitation are presented and their usefulness assessed. A variety of extra-legal approaches to protecting children and dealing with child sex-offenders are explored while the prospects of meaningfully addressing this problem are assessed.


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