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    The e360 ventilator (Newport Medical, Costa Mesa, CA) supplies invasive or noninvasive ventilatory support and monitoring for infant, pediatric, and adult patients.

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    Description of unique features
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      Circuit Check ensures that intelligent breath management functions are calibrated to the installed breathing circuit system.

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      Quick Setup (Worldwide [WW] Version) makes set up easier for new patients.

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      Pressure or flow triggering are available for all breaths.

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      Automatic Leak Compensation can provide more reliable triggering in spite of variable airway leaks, without the user having to readjust the flow trigger setting.

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      Slope Rise adjustment (including an AUTO setting for WW version) ensures that breath delivery meets patient comfort needs.

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      FlexCycle function automatically manages the flow cycling off threshold for each individual pressure support and volume target pressure support breath to avoid early or late cycling off, despite changing...


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  1. Newport e360 Ventilator Operating Manual, Newport Medical, Costa Mesa, CA. e360 elearning program on the Newport website:

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