CLIQ: A Practical Approach to the Quadruple Helix and More Open Innovation

  • Laura AhonenEmail author
  • Tuija Hämäläinen
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This chapter contains the lessons learned from a European innovation project called Creating Local Innovation in a Quadruple Helix (CLIQ). It starts by introducing CLIQ and its aims and then discusses the search for a Quadruple Helix innovation ecosystem by 16 partners, many of them medium-sized towns of Europe. It outlines the roles and challenges of the local authorities in innovation, describes various ways of collective learning, and introduces the end products of CLIQ, all planned to tackle issues such as measuring innovation, transfer of good practices, and ideal conditions for innovation to flourish. At the time of writing, the project is still in progress, yet the reader should get an idea of the main body of learning: what was learned from the research commissioned by CLIQ and through the comprehensive, pragmatically oriented work plan of the project. The learning, or legacy vision of CLIQ, is summarized at the end of the chapter.


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