Introduction to Process Innovation Cases

  • Steve Street
Part of the Service Science: Research and Innovations in the Service Economy book series (SSRI)


While it is clear that few Service Innovations are really ‘single category’, this section presents Case Studies that can be called ‘Process’ Innovations through being either Processes for ‘doing Innovation’, Innovations that changed processes, or Innovations whose key content turned out to be in the area of Process.

A major theme is the ‘transdisciplinary’ application of existing ‘non-Service specific’ methods for innovation—a key question being how much adaptation to ‘Services’ each technique required and how successful that adaption was.

However, there are also examples of new ‘service specific’ techniques being applied—notably variants of ‘participatory design’ which may become typical in an increasingly ‘User generated content’/‘Web 2/3.0’ world.

An additional key theme is that of ‘Origination’ where drivers were often ‘external’ and arising from an interesting range of motivation.

Finally, while ‘Services Innovation’ and ‘Ordinary Innovation’ have much in common, from these Case Sudies it seems ‘Service Innovation’—with its emphasis on novel and ‘multi-dimensional’ approaches—is different and increasingly involves complex, multi-stakeholder ‘service systems’.


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