Achieving Service Innovation Through a Health Education Programme

  • Alison E. Hipwell
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International evidence confirms that patient educational self-management courses help people with long-term conditions to improve their daily health management, which benefits their quality of life and, in the UK, provides a small cost saving. People from South Asian backgrounds who live in the UK experience substantially worse health than other groups, yet few South Asian people attended the pilot phase of one self-management course: the Government-funded Expert Patients Programme (EPP). The six structured sessions last 2½ hours per week, and are delivered by trained tutors. Key topics include communication, nutrition, exercise, cognitive symptom management, contracting and problem-solving. For the current case study, Punjabi Sikh Indian women were offered experiential insights about living with arthritis and attending the EPP. Analysis revealed promising areas for service innovation and improvement around components of this course and its delivery, which may in turn result in improved resource efficiency and quality of life for this group.


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Funded by Arthritis Research UK (formerly Arthritis Research Campaign) Educational Research Fellowship grant ref: 17882

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  • Alison E. Hipwell
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