An Introduction to the Design of a New Class of Distributed Systems

  • Rao Mikkilineni
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Globalization, communication, collaboration, and commerce at the speed of light are creating a demand for highly resilient, efficient, and scalable distributed transactions through various applications such as high frequency trading, social networking, and federated enterprise business process automation. Current computing models based on serial von-Neumann stored program control implement the services and their management in a serial fashion. On the other hand, the dynamic coupling between various elements of the system, where each change in one element continually influences some other element’s direction of change, introduces a highly temporal element and parallelism to the distributed transactions. This research brief introduces a new distributed computing model that exploits the parallelism and performance offered by the new generation of many-core processors to improve the resiliency, efficiency, and scaling of distributed transactions.


Business Process Network Effect Distribute Computing System Service Execution Resource Management Strategy 
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