Social Tagging Systems

  • Leandro Balby MarinhoEmail author
  • Andreas Hotho
  • Robert Jäschke
  • Alexandros Nanopoulos
  • Steffen Rendle
  • Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  • Gerd Stumme
  • Panagiotis Symeonidis
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Social Tagging Systems (STS for short) are web applications where users can upload, tag, and share resources (e. g., websites, videos,photos, etc.) with other users. STS promote decentralization of content control and lead the web to be a more open and democratic environment. As we will see in the course of this book, STS put forward new challenges and opportunities for recommender systems, but before we delve into how to design and deploy efficient recommender systems for STS, in this chapter we formally define social tagging systems and their data structures, elaborate on the different recommendation tasks demanded by STS users, introduce real-world STS that already feature recommendation services, and fix the notation we will use throughout the book. The chapter is based on work published in [9].


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