Dry Arthroscopy and Its Applications

  • Francisco del Piñal


Wrist arthroscopy can be carried out without infusing water as simple traction will suffice to keep the working space clear. The lack of tissue infiltration by fluid keeps soft tissues in pristine condition in the event that open surgery is needed after the arthroscopic exploration. The fact that the dry technique makes watertightness irrelevant opens a new set of possibilities by combining arthroscopy with moderate-sized incisions. Despite the fact that any modification of a technique with which one is familiar can be regarded with major reticence, the advantages of the dry technique well merit giving it a try. As a matter of fact, although in simpler arthroscopic procedures there are probably no differences, the complex ones are much more easily performed under dry conditions. Sooner or later, even the most reluctant wet arthroscopists will have to swap to the dry technique to get the most out of what arthroscopy might offer. On the other hand, any accomplished wrist arthroscopist will have minimal problems to swap from wet to dry and vice versa. Purposefully, to stress the benefits of the dry technique, the procedures dealt with in this chapter rank among the most difficult one can perform arthroscopically, namely distal radius fractures; arthroscopic guided osteotomy; arthroscopic intercarpal arthrodesis; and perilunate fracture dislocations.


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