Prototype for Glazed Panel Construction Robot

  • Seungyeol LeeEmail author
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The prototype system of human–robot cooperative manipulation presented in this chapter combines a mobile platform and a manipulator standardized in modular form to compose its basic system. Also, the hardware and software necessary for each area of application were composed of additional modules and combined with the robot’s basic system. The suggested prototype can execute particular operations in various areas such as construction, national defense and rescue by changing these additional modules.


Mobile platform Denavit-hartenberg notation Lagrange formulation Virtual-work theory Force/torque sensor Wired/wireless control Outrigger 


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    S.Y. Lee, Y.S. Lee, B.S. Park, et al. (2007) MFR (Multipurpose Field Robot) for installing construction materials. Autonomous Robots, 22(3):265–280.Google Scholar

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