Gain Scheduling and Adaptation

  • Hanz Richter


This chapter introduces gain-scheduling and linear-parameter-varying techniques to address plant variability across the flight envelope. This chapter also introduces the concept of adaptive control and presents a basic model-reference adaptive control design. Matlab code and simulations using the CMAPSS nonlinear engine model are included.This chapter is an overview of two control concepts that address plant variability across the flight envelope: scheduling and adaptation. These control methods are fundamentally different from robust approaches in that controller parameters are not fixed, but undergo significant changes during system operation. Gain scheduling as used in standard GTE control is described in Sect. 5.2. Next, in Sect. 5.3, a more systematic linear parameter-varying (LPV) approach to gain scheduling is presented. In Sect. 5.4, the basic concept of adaptive control is introduced, followed by a simple version of a well-established adaptive control methodology, namely Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC). Application of scheduling and adaptation concepts to fan speed control is illustrated throughout the chapter with CMAPSS-1 simulation examples.


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