Building an Adaptive Framework for Human Space Colonization

  • Cameron M. Smith
  • Evan T. Davies
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We have seen, now, that our species is one of many. We have had a successful, two-million year run so far. But to persist as a species we cannot rest on our laurels. We must continue to use humanity's unique capacity for proactive adaptation- so precious in comparison with the reactive nature of adaptation in every other life form we know of - to survive. This includes, we argue, the colonization of space. Inspired by our past successes, such as the glories of Pacific and Arctic colonization, and the human space program to date, we now consider how humanity will orchestrate the fourth major adaptation, which we call the Extraterrestrial Adaptation. A project as vast as the expansion of our species' geographical range to include off-Earth environments will require more creative proaction than anything yet attempted. Because this will be an adaptive endeavor, we must shape it with everything we know about evolution, the author of adaptation.


Life Form Space Exploration Niche Construction Management Culture Human Space 
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  • Cameron M. Smith
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  • Evan T. Davies
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  2. 2.The Explorers ClubNew YorkUSA

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