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Polymorphisms in Selenoprotein Genes and Cancer



Human selenoproteins comprise a diverse group of peptides whose role in cancer etiology might be presumed from what is currently known about their functions. For a subset of these, genetic data (1) demonstrating allelic loss during cancer development and/or (2) revealing an association between specific polymorphisms in selenoprotein genes and either cancer risk or survival have provided support for this association. Additional factors such as lifestyle, diet, gender, and interactions with polymorphisms in other genes may modify this level of risk. These data provide useful information that may eventually be used to identify individuals at increased risk of cancer and aid in the design and development of novel strategies to prevent and treat some of the more common cancer types.


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This work was supported by American Cancer Society grant MRSG-08-109-01-CCE and Department of Defense grant PC050393 to MEW and grants from the National Institutes of Health 1RO1CA127943 and 5R21CA129590 to AMD.


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