The Southern Winter

  • Robert Gendler
  • Lars Lindberg Christensen
  • David Malin


Reflected blue light from massive stars forms the shape of a horse’s head in the southern constellation of Scorpius, sometimes nicknamed the Blue Horsehead (IC 4592). It is seen here looking northwest, towards the lower right corner. The nebulosity is mostly faint, and covers about two square degrees of sky, about twice the area seen here, and a much greater area than the better-known Horsehead Nebula in Orion (p. 56). The smaller complex of blue and faint yellow reflection clouds in the upper left corner, in the horse’s neck, is known as IC 4601. Adjoining it near the left edge of the image is the faint red outline of the dark cloud Barnard 41, and this extends towards the center of the picture, joining with Barnard 40.


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