Fréchet–Urysohn Spaces and Groups

  • Jerzy KąkolEmail author
  • Wiesław Kubiś
  • Manuel López-Pellicer
Part of the Developments in Mathematics book series (DEVM, volume 24)


This chapter deals with topological (vector) spaces satisfying some sequential conditions. We study Fréchet–Urysohn space (i.e., spaces E such that for each AE and each \(x\in\overline{A}\) there exists a sequence in A converging to x). The main result states that every sequentially complete Fréchet–Urysohn lcs is a Baire space. Since every infinite-dimensional Montel (DF)-space E is nonmetrizable and sequential, the following question arises: Is every Fréchet–Urysohn space in the class \(\mathfrak{G}\) metrizable?


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