Thermal Cycling Aging Effects on Board-Level Drop Test Result

  • John Hock Lye Pang


Chapter 8 deals with Board-Level Drop Test and reports on the effects of thermal cycling aging on board level drop reliability for lead-free SnAgCu (SAC) in fine pitch ball grid array (FPBGA) packages. The drop life was observed before and after thermal cycling aging. Comparison of SAC/ENIG packages to SAC/OSP packages was investigated. Thermal cycling (TC) aging subject to −40°C to +125°C causes concurrent degradation of the solder joints and result in IMC growth and thermal fatigue damage. The IMC growth, as well as the void/crack formation subject to thermal cycling aging will affect the long-term solder joint reliability performance. It can also affect the impact shock reliability as thicker IMC layer causes brittle fracture failure.


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