Electrochemical Techniques to Obtain Biofunctional Materials

Part of the Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry book series (MAOE, volume 52)


Metals have a long history in medicine and dentistry. However, metals are artificial materials with no biofunctionality, which makes them less attractive as biomaterials for certain applications. On the other hand, biofunctionalities of ceramics and polymers are expected to show excellent properties as biomaterials; in fact, many devices consisting of metals have been substituted by those consisting of ceramics and polymers. In spite of this event, about 80% of implant devices in the medical field still consist of metals, and this share is currently maintained, because of their high strength, toughness, and durability. To-date, metallic biomaterials cannot be replaced with ceramics or polymers. The requirements for metallic medical devices are summarized in Table 1.


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