The Measurement of Cyclic Creep Behavior in Copper Thin Film Using Microtensile Testing

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A micro-tensile testing for studying the cyclic fatigue mechanical properties of freestanding copper thin film with thickness of sub-micrometer application for MEMS was performed to observe its mechanical response under tension-tension fatigue experiments with a variety of mean stress conditions at cyclic loading frequencies up to 20 Hz. Tensile sample loading was applied using a piezoelectric actuator. Loads were measured using a capacitance gap sensor with a mechanical coupling to the sample. The experiments were carried out with feedback to give load control on sputter deposited 300, 500 and 900 nm copper thin films. Loading cycles to failure reached over 10^6 at low mean load with a trend of decreasing cycles to failure with increasing mean load as anticipated. The cyclic fatigue results provided clear evidence for a cyclic creep rate dependent and change in failure mechanism from crack formation to extended plasticity as the mean load is decreased.


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