The Interrelationships among Folate, Vitamin B12, and Methionine Metabolism

  • Barry Shane
  • E. L. Robert Stokstad
Part of the Advances in Nutritional Research book series (ANUR)


The interrelationship between vitamin B12 and folate metabolism in man is best illustrated by the hematologically indistinguishable, macrocytic megaloblastic anemia resulting from a deficiency of either vitamin. Large pharmacological doses of either vitamin will elicit a hematological response in patients suffering from a deficiency of either or even both vitamins (Marshall and Jandl, 1960; Zalusky et al., 1962). For instance, large doses of folate cause a temporary or partial hematological remission in pernicious anemia patients but fail to correct the neurological lesions that arise from prolonged vitamin B12 deprivation.


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