Vapor Locking and Heat Transfer under Transient and Steady-State Conditions

  • C.-J. Chen
  • S.-T. Wang
  • J. W. Dawson
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 35 A)


The technology of stable superconducting magnets has become synonymous with the study and use of composite conductors. The composite conductor, a superconductor paralleled with a normal metal, helps provide magnet stability by supplying alternate electrical and thermal paths for the superconductor when it becomes normal. If these alternate paths of normal metal can carry the total transport current continuously and still remain below the transition temperature of the superconductor, the composite conductor is said to be cryostable. The operational definition of cryostability requires sufficient cooling to dissipate Joule heating.


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  • S.-T. Wang
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  • J. W. Dawson
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