Memory: Models of Episodic Memory and Related Research Issues

  • Donald H. Kausler


What did you have for lunch a week ago? Assuming your diet is somewhat more varied than a daily hamburger, a reasonable guess is that you do not remember what you did have to eat. In fact, if you grace various food establishments with your presence, you probably have difficulty remembering where you ate that day. Of course, if you happened to have dropped your tray in a cafeteria on that occasion, you may find the entire episode, including the contents of the tray, to be distinctive enough to be readily accessible for recall. This is far from being an isolated incident. What about the attempt at humor one of your professors made in class the other day? You may remember the gist of the humor, but not the finer details. Even a vigorous search of your memory system will probably fail to retrieve those missing details. How much do you remember of the last commercial you watched on television? Of the last sporting event you attended?


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