Platelet and Granulocyte Transfusions in Cancer Patients

  • Janice P. Dutcher
Part of the Advances in Immunity and Cancer Therapy book series (IMMUNITY, volume 2)


Recent advances in cancer treatment, both of solid tumors and of hematologic malignancies, have largely been through the administration of more intensive and effective therapy. With this therapy, we are asked, therefore, to support these patients through periods of marrow hypoplasia with its attendant pancytopenia, with the hope of producing extended freedom from disease. In solid tumors, this approach includes the use of intensive chemotherapy, as well as combinations of chemo-and radiotherapy, and at times with the addition of autologous bone marrow transplantation. In acute leukemia, the primary treatment goal is ablation of the malignant bone marrow to allow regrowth of normal marrow. Aggressive transfusion therapy is necessary to support the leukemia patient through the somewhat predictable period of marrow aplasia, until he or she enters remission or at least develops regeneration of some normal peripheral blood cells (1,2). In addition, recent data from a number of institutions suggest that treatment with prolonged periodic intensive therapy has the potential for producing prolonged disease-free survival, an approach that requires periodic intensive transfusion support.


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acquired immune deficiency syndrome


serum alanine aminotransferase


acute nonlymphocytic leukemia


acute progranulocytic leukemia


corrected count increment


chronic myelocytic leukemia




cerebrospinal fluid


disseminated intravascular coagulation




granulocyte indirect immunofluorescence test


graft-versus-host disease


hydroxyethyl starch


human T cell leukemia virus


lymphadenopathy associated virus


polymorphonuclear leukocyte


white blood cell


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