Mixed Exterior Algebra

  • Werner Greub
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A skew-symmetric map of type (p, q) from E*, E into a vector space H is a (p + q)-linear mapping
$$\psi :\underbrace {E* \times \ldots \times E*}_p \times \underbrace {E \times \ldots \times E}_q \to H$$
which satisfies
$$\psi (x_{\sigma (1)}^*, \ldots ,x_{\sigma (p)}^*;{x_{\tau (q)}}) = {\varepsilon _\sigma }{\varepsilon _\tau }\psi (x_1^*, \ldots ,x_p^*;{x_1}, \ldots ,{x_q})$$
for all permutations σ ∊ S p and ? ∊ S q .


Basis Vector Linear Transformation Bilinear Function Composition Product Linear Isomorphism 
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