Tensor Components of Finite Strain, I

  • W. D. Means


The tensor components of finite strain, like the tensor components of infinitesimal strain, are simply nine numbers that characterize the state of strain at a point.


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Notes and References

  1. The terms (though not necessarily the symbols) for the finite strain and deformation tensors used here follow Malvern (1969, pp. 158–161) and Mase (1970, pp. 81–82). A wide variety of other terms, and numerous different symbols, are also in use for these quantities.Google Scholar
  2. Equations 21.5–21.8 of the present book correspond to Equations 4.5.11a, 4.5.11b, and 4.5.7 of Malvern (1969).Google Scholar
  3. Equations 21.5 and 21.6 give the complete and exact values of the components of the finite strain tensors (Malvern, 1969, p. 161).Google Scholar

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  1. 1.Department of Geological SciencesState University of New York at AlbanyAlbanyUSA

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