Microdiskectomy versus Endoscopic Diskectomy

  • Alan S. Waitze
  • Christopher H. Comey
  • Gerald E. RodtsJr
  • Regis W. Haid

Since the first diskectomy was performed in 1934, major advances have been made in the understanding of the regional anatomy and pathophysiology of lumbar disk herniation. In addition, major technological advances in image intensification and materials engineering have allowed surgeons to perform lumbar diskectomy through increasingly limited exposures: In an era of increased cost containment, minimally invasive procedures are being emphasized to provide equivalent or superior results while minimizing perioperative morbidity and its resultant costs to insurers and to society as a whole. Although currently somewhat limited, endoscopic diskectomy may provide a superior alternative to conventional microdiskectomy.


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  • Alan S. Waitze
  • Christopher H. Comey
  • Gerald E. RodtsJr
  • Regis W. Haid

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