The G-Matrix in Finite Nuclei

  • H. Müther
  • P. U. Sauer


One of the central aims of nuclear structure theory is to derive the properties of nuclei from a realistic nucleon-nucleon (NN) interaction. Such a realistic NN interaction should be determined to describe the interaction of two nucleons in a vacuum, which means that it should reproduce the experimental data on NN scattering and the properties of the deuteron. Typical examples of such realistic NN interactions include purely phenomenological NN potentials, assuming a hard-core [2.1] or a soft-core [2.2] parameterization of the short-range repulsion, but also more microscopic approaches based on the meson-exchange model [2.3,4]. Assuming one of these realistic interactions, one tries to solve the many-body problem of A interacting nucleons and compares the results obtained for observables characterizing the ground-state and low-energy excitations with the experimental data.


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  • H. Müther
  • P. U. Sauer

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