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  • Eric D. Feigelson
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The choice of alternatives relevant for inference, and not the use of priors, is the fundamental distinguishing feature of Bayesian inference. Nevertheless, priors play an important role in inference, and I welcome Prof. West’s discussion of their influence on Bayesian results. Much can be said about this issue. Here I will only note that my paper discusses parameter estimation calculations, which are often very insensitive to prior information, whereas West discusses a model comparison calculation (deciding between models with and without the parameter s) which is more sensitive; in fact, such calculations use information about the prior range of parameters to implement an objective posterior, “Ockham’s razor,” for which there is only a meager and subjective frequentist counterpart (see, e.g., W.H. Jefferys and J.O. Berger, American Scientist 80. 64–72, 1992). A more extensive discussion of priors and of many of the examples in my paper can be found in the original longer draft, which I will gladly provide to interested readers.

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