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A Method for the Treatment of Congenital Clubfeet in Infants

  • M. Kinoshita
  • T. Onomura
  • R. Okuda
Conference paper


We have systematically treated congenital clubfeet by our therapeutic system starting in the early neonatal period. The system2 involves manual correction, taping, application of plaster casts, Morita’s operation,5 use of an orthosis, and a program of clubfoot exercises (Table 17.8).3 Each of these components has been specially modified and differs from those previously reported. Cases in which cast correction was insufficient or cases that were referred to our clinic because of relapse (i.e., cases that were previously treated by procedures different from ours) are sometimes treated by posteromedial release operation at our clinic, although they are exceptional cases.


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  • M. Kinoshita
  • T. Onomura
  • R. Okuda

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