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Medial Rotation of the Talus and Complete Calcaneocuboid Release—Its Effect on the Surgical Results in Idiopathic Clubfoot

  • P. Howard
  • L. Dias
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Treatment for congenital idiopathic clubfoot (CTEV) ranges from nonoperative serial casting to radical surgical procedures such as the triple arthrodesis. Most physicians agree that conservative manipulation and casting is the appropriate initial treatment for management of clubfoot. When such therapy fails, however, the proper treatment plan is the subject of much debate. This study examines our experience with the complete posteromedial and lateral release (PMLR) on idiopathic clubfeet resistant to nonoperative therapy. Included is the presentation and evaluation of a simple technique for derotating the talus into a more anatomically appropriate position. Also presented is a breakdown of results obtained when the calcaneocuboid joint was opened versus when left undisturbed.


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  • L. Dias

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