GnRH Agonists in the Treatment of Endometriosis

  • Ricardo Serta


Endometriosis is present in approximately 5 to 7% of reproductive age women and is believed to cause infertility in 20 to 40% of those affected. There is some evidence supporting a hormone-dependent mechanism for endometriosis, as it is rarely found prior to or beyond reproductive age. Furthermore, it regresses following bilateral oophorectomy. Although definitive treatment can best be accomplished by surgery, the potential need for repetitive operative procedures and the inability to remove all endometrial implants at the time of surgery have resulted in the introduction of several types of medical treatment, including progestogens, estrogen-progestogen combinations, and danazol. In recent years gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRHa) have experienced enormous popularity for the medical treatment of endometriosis.


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