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Brain Characteristics Related to Functional Systems

  • Heinz Stephan
  • Georg Baron
  • Heiko D. Frahm
Part of the Comparative Brain Research in Mammals book series (COMPBRAIN, volume 1)


Despite the importance of olfaction as a predominant sensory channel in Insectivora, numerous reports on the morphology of the insectivoran nasal cavity and intranasal epithelia suggest the existence of enormous interspecific differences (Ganeshina et al. 1957; Negus 1958 ex Quilliam 1966b; Gurtovoi 1966; Graziadei 1966; Andreescu-Nitescu 1970; Wöhrmann-Repenning 1975; Wöhrmann-Repenning and Meinel 1977; Schmidt and Nadolski 1979; Kuramoto et al. 1980; Larochelle 1987; Larochelle and Baron 1989a, b).


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  • Georg Baron
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  • Heiko D. Frahm
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