• Michael Tonry
  • Lloyd E. Ohlin
  • David P. Farrington
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The Program on Human Development and Criminal Behavior (the “Program”) has developed a sophisticated, interdisciplinary, and intellectually ambitious agenda for research on the causes and prevention of crime. The agenda includes a series of overlapping longitudinal studies in a single site of seven cohorts of individuals ranging in age at the outset from birth to age 18; one or more full or partial replications of the study in other sites; a linked series of experimental assessments of promising interventions directed at different age groups; and a series of related methodological, statistical, and pilot studies.


Birth Cohort Antisocial Behavior Research Agenda Criminal Behavior Conduct Disorder 
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  • David P. Farrington
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  3. 3.Institute of CriminologyUniversity of CambridgeCambridgeEngland

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