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Pathobiology of the Vitreous

  • J. Sebag
  • J. Sebag


Regression of the hyaloid artery and embryonic vascular system of the vitreous (vasa hyaloidea propia) and lens (tunica vasculosa lentis) usually occurs completely and without complications (chapter II-A). Persistence of the hyaloid vascular system occurs in only 3% of full-term infants but in 95% of premature infants (Jones, 1963) and can be associated with prepapillary hemorrhage (Delaney, 1980). Anomalies involving inadequate regression of the embryonic hyaloid vascular system occur in more than 90% of infants born earlier than 36 weeks of gestation and in over 95% of infants weighing less than five pounds at birth (Renz and Vygantas, 1977).


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