Recombinant Proteins Expressed by Baculovirus Vectors

  • Max D. Summers


One of the most valuable tools in molecular biology is the ability to clone and to construct hybrid genes by recombinant DNA techniques and to express abundantly hybrid gene products with an appropriate heterologous expression system. The helper-independent baculovirus expression vector [1–4] is a new, highly versatile tool in the limited spectrum of eucaryotic expression systems. Compared to bacterial, vertebrate, and yeast systems, it is unique because (1) foreign genes are expressed under the transcription control of the very strong baculovirus polyhedrin gene promoter and (2) recombinant polypeptides are produced in lepidopteran (moth) insect cells during lytic infection with a DNA viral vector. The baculovirus vector has been used to express large amounts of viral, mammalian, plant, and procaryotic genes, and nearly all of the recombinant protein products are produced in a functionally authentic form [1]. This brief review emphasizes the current state of baculovirus vector development and describes several applications that have not been previously reported.


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