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Let F be a tangentially oriented foliation of dimension one on (M,gM). Such a foliation is called a flow. The leaves of F are the integral curves of a nonsingular vector field X on M. Normalizing length shows that F is also given by a unit vector field T with respect to gM. The dual 1-form χ ∈ Ω1(M) defined by
$$ \chi ({\text{Y}}) = {g_M}({\text{T,Y}})\,{\text{for}}\,{\text{Y}} \in \Gamma {\text{TM}} $$
is the characteristic form of F. The induced metric gL is related to χ by
$$ {g_L}(\lambda {\text{T,}}\lambda {\text{T}}) = {\lambda^2},\,\chi {(}\lambda {\text{T) = }}\lambda $$




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